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Black History Month: Celebrating Our Team

By Swingers

In celebration of Black History Month, we are shining spotlights on team members from Swingers Washington, D.C. and Swingers New York. Without their dynamic personalities, unique talents and contributions, our venues would not be the same. 

Black History Month:  Celebrating Our Team

Black History Month was officially recognized in 1976 and began as a way to educate people about the history of Black Americans and celebrate their contributions to American history.  It sought to recognize diversity and ensure that these perspectives are included in our national narrative.  Today, Black History Month is a call to inclusion and sparks a much larger conversation around diversity, equity and inclusion.  It celebrates more than just the past – it also highlights the ongoing successes and contributions of African Americans in all aspects of culture and society.

In celebration of Black History Month, we are shining spotlights on team members from Swingers Washington, D.C. and Swingers New York – Steven Terry, Imari Rorie, Chris Turner, Ebonique Walker, and Neil Gibbs.  Without their dynamic personalities, unique talents and contributions, our venues would not be the same.  We synced up with them for their thoughts on Black History Month, Black culture, and what inspires them.


Steven Terry, Guest Services Coordinator, Swingers Dupont Circle

Black History Month often creates a sense of comfortability, allowing people to believe that just acknowledging the month is enough. For most of my life, this has been the case, but as a society we have begun to change culturally. Learning about not only Black history but also Black culture is important. There has recently been more interest and support from all communities in learning what is happening in Black communities, understanding that history differs from what we may have been taught, and having uncomfortable conversations about race and culture. There’s more progress to be made, but finally, people care about more than just marking the month.

The culture of my environment inspires me– there are so many young and talented Black people in the DMV.  Every day, I see people sharing their talents and amplifying their stories, or while scrolling social media and I might see an influencer from where I’m from.  A lot of time people are broken down or stuck in a stigma that they are minorities without a voice, so I am always inspired by the few who speak up and exude our culture.


Imari Rorie, Floor Captain, Swingers Dupont Circle

Black History Month is an opportunity to share and understand Black stories, spotlight those who have made a difference, and to truly uplift Black voices.  We get to celebrate and honor so many legacies. In honor of the month, I am more conscious about supporting Black-owned businesses. I really dive into educating myself on the great pioneers that came before me that aren’t always talked about or in the immediate light when Black History is mentioned.

Possibility inspires me. I’m most proud of graduating college. This past spring, I walked the stage and celebrated- it was such a full circle moment. It felt good to see the fruits of my labor and it really started a new chapter of my life that I’m beyond ready to take on. To know that anything is possible and that opportunities are endless when I work hard inspires me to keep pushing and striving for more.

Chris Turner, Bar Captain, Swingers NoMad

Black History Month is a celebration of our lifestyle and culture. It highlights everything that we have fought for but also sheds light on where we are trying to go and places we are trying to get to.  I live that celebration everyday by being who I am, talking to my family.  All the love that I pour into the people I love, and all that I receive in return- that’s a true celebration.

To people who are looking to celebrate or learn more, I would suggest talking to people from other cultures and ask questions about their views and perspectives.  Don’t be afraid to ask, “what can I do to support you during this celebration?” Have conversations with your friends.


Ebonique Walker, Reception Captain, Swingers Dupont Circle

Black History Month gives me insight to understand our culture and presents opportunities for our voices to be heard.  It brings a spotlight to African Americans who made a difference- people who impacted history like inventors and advocates fighting for African American rights.

Dr. Mae Jemison, the first African American female astronaut said, “never be limited by other people’s imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.”  I think about that quote a lot- we have all been in experiences where people say you can’t do this or that, but she proved that you can.  I want to show that you can do anything you put your mind to.

 Neil Gibbs, Reception Captain, Swingers NoMad

Black History Month is a source of pride- during this month, I try to, as much as I can, educate and celebrate our culture a little bit more.  Black History Month is a step in representation as it highlights the importance of our culture and historical figures.

I put people from a different background onto our culture and share what would be cool to them; in turn, they share with me, and I think that’s cool.  These interactions and sharing of knowledge enable them to be comfortable within a different environment or culture.  There is such a thing as a ‘dumb question’ or insensitive one, but it’s important to not assume you know something that’s outside of your culture and ask mindful questions.


Though we are honored to celebrate this month, we remember and remind all readers that inclusion is a constant and mindful practice.  The celebration of diversity goes beyond one span of time.

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