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Top 8 Most Awesome Group & Team Building Activities in NYC

By Swingers

Discover 8 awesome group team-building activities in NYC with our guide. Plan your next corporate event with engaging and memorable experiences in New York City.

Top 8 Most Awesome Group & Team Building Activities in NYC

If you’ve been put in charge of the next office outing, chances are you’re feeling the pressure. There’s a huge amount of options to choose from in New York and it may feel a little overwhelming to know exactly what to go for. Do not fear, we’re here to help! We’ve pulled together a list of the top eight best group and team building activities in NYC. No matter what your budget is, how big your team is, or what the overall vibe you’re after may be – we’ve got you covered.


1. Have a crazy good time at Swingers

Looking for a bit of friendly competition, plenty of laughs and opportunity to build on team relationships? Swingers brings it all. Your team can enjoy the extravagant 1920s decor, cleverly crafted crazy golf courses and dedicated customer service. Our crazy golf courses are a great icebreaker and give everyone something fun to focus on. Not only can you all join in a couple of games of mini golf, but you can debrief after over gourmet street food and mouth-watering cocktails. Learn more about how to make a group booking here.

2. Get creative at a pottery class

Person doing pottery

For a more chilled event, Pottery Brooklyn is a great choice. Here you can potter, sculpt, paint, and socialize with your team. Everyone can choose what project they want to work on. This may be a bowl for snacks, or a candlestick to display at home with pride. You can all even have a go on the pottery wheel! These two hour sessions are led by a pottery professional instructor and can be booked from four to 30 guests. Great for a more quiet or artistic team looking to socialise more together. If you’re team is a bit more on the quiet side, this is a great choice for those looking to do focus on their craft!


3. Try a cocktail making class

cocktail making

Bottoms up! For teams who like a tipple, take a peek at Patent Pending NYC.

They host private classes that can accommodate up to 120 people. These hour and a half sessions include learning about techniques, ingredients, history, and of course – enjoying an alcoholic beverage. In fact, you’ll learn how to make three scrumptious cocktails. Patent Pending has a cozy, comfortable setting that your team can relax in whilst learning something new. Do note that private sessions can be booked Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays after 5pm. Be warned , while this team activity may lead to more communication during the activity, the day after will consist of low volume speaking and persistent headaches!


4. Break a sweat with an escape room

hands huddle

There’s no end of choice for escape rooms in NYC. Requiring puzzle solving, communication skills, and yes – teamwork – they’re sort of a no-brainer for team building outings. Here are some of our favorites to check out:

Escape Game NYC – Choose from seven escape rooms with immersive themes. Go under the sea, back in time on a train, or even explore an impressive art gallery! Specialist packages are available for team building, which can cater up to 46 players across all the game rooms.

Mission Escape Games – These highly themed, exciting escape rooms that all depend on teamwork to solve! Choose from Sci-fi, cyberpunk, and mystery themed 60-minute games. Private corporate events are available for large teams.


5. Museum tour

dinosaur natural history museum new york

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to museums to explore in the Big Apple. For instance, there are 5,000 years of art to explore at The Met, some of the world’s greatest examples of modern art at MoMa, and science galore at The American Museum of Natural History. Museums are a perfect setting to encourage conversation and joint learning in a quiet, contemplative atmosphere. Great for teams who like to go at a more gentle pace.

Want a little help with your team museum tour? Museum Hack organizes team building activities in New York’s top museums and galleries. Specialist guides will lead groups around, sharing stories, preparing activities, and more.


6. Candle making

candle homemade

Led by a master chandler with over 20 years’ experience, this group workshop is a delight for the senses! Each of you can choose your own fragrances and colors, enabling you to showcase your personalities and create bespoke experiences while learning the craft of candle making. You’ll get to take your creations home at the end of the day, so not only will your team benefit from the bonding experience of learning new skills together, they’ll also get to display the end results of their efforts in a memento of the day.


7. Bibliotheque

woman in a book store

This bookstore-cafe-wine bar combo is a relatively recent addition to SoHo, and is run by a father-son team composed of world renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jacono, and writer and founder of The Spotlong Review, a literary and arts journal, A.J. Jacono.

While it’s already a great spot to grab some quiet time by yourself, Bibliothque offers a great setting for a team outing. You can hire different settings in the location to capture a desired vibe – the bar provides a more formal space for bonding over drinks, or relax in the library-lounge space – perfect for a book-focused event, or opt for the alternative lounge space for a more laid-back gathering.

Up to 70 guests can occupy the available space, and the venue frequently hosts events including author readings, cocktail parties, holiday parties, painting and drawing classes, psychic readings, board game nights, aura reading nights – so there’s lots to choose from!

With food, wine, and books on offer, your team will never want to leave Bibliotheque!


8. Happy Medium

art class

If you’re an arty bunch, or looking to get creative but may not necessarily have the skills, Happy Medium is a great spot for your team to bond over arts and crafts.

Offering figure drawing, water color, and collage classes, among others, Happy Medium emphasizes creativity over consumption without the worry of “being good enough”. If you’re feeling a bit more hands-on, they also provide pottery sessions and a “build-a-chair workshop”. 

With no assigned seating, make sure your group gets there with plenty of time, or warn the venue in advance by contacting them here.


Swingers ~ The crazy golf club

We believe that life is more fun when there is an element of competition, and that competition is best enjoyed with friends.

Swingers, the crazy golf club takes the holy trinity that is crazy golf, street food and amazing cocktails and combines them all into one incredible social experience