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7 Ideas for a Girls Night Out in DC

By Swingers

Choose from unique spots for a chill evening or dancing into the small hours. Here are 7 girls' night out ideas in DC for a memorable time.

7 Ideas for a Girls Night Out in DC

As the weekend beckons, it’s time to grab your best girls together. You might be celebrating something special, or just want to go out for the sake of having some fun. And if you’re in DC, there are plenty of places to let your hair down. Take your pick from one of these unique locations, whether you’re looking for something chill, or feel like dancing into the small hours – here are Seven ladies night out ideas in DC. And don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes to wear on the way home! Your feet will thank you for it the next day.


1. Swingers, the crazy golf club 

It’s girl’s night, the feeling’s right, and you’re all up for some fun. Swingers is ready to deliver on a great evening out with your friends. Our Dupont Circle venue boasts bespoke crazy golf courses, stylish bars with cocktails and delicious gourmet street food. We’re especially proud of our unique cocktail offerings, including a continuously rotating Cocktail of the Month – though of course, our extensive drinks menu has something for everyone! Why not Play, dine, and wine – it’s pretty much everything you need for a perfect night. That’s not to mention the lush and lively atmosphere – think botanical decor and live DJs. Step in, leave the week behind and make some memories with your girls.

2. Eighteenth Street Lounge

Put on your dancing shoes as you boogie on down at the Eighteenth Street Lounge. This award winning venue opened in 1995, and balances a party atmosphere with intimacy. There are quieter spaces to chat with your friends, along with dancefloors to let loose on. Enjoy live DJs and entertainment across two floors and a rooftop deck. There’s a wide range of music on the decks, including jazz, funk, and reggae. We recommend having a look at the schedule for upcoming events. Booze-wise, Eighteenth Street specializes in draft cocktails, including classic margaritas and champagne creations. 

3. Harlot DC Lounge and Restaurant

Looking for a glamorous venue to spend an evening with the girls? Check out the Harlot DC Lounge and Restaurant. This sumptuous lounge bar features whimsical and opulent decor. Settle into plush velvet couches as you’re surrounded by jewel tones and cherry blossom details. Harlot offers dining and then dancing in this luxurious setting. Regular events include live music and drag brunch on weekends. The menu includes fusion cuisine, cocktails and wine. Highlights include small plates – including oysters and salads – and po’boys. Yes please to that! Drinks-wise, we rather like the sounds of the Lychee Martini and Blueberry Margarita. For those who like it on the rocks, there’s an extensive tequila collection to enjoy. Bottoms up!

4. Cloak and Dagger

You and the girls want to dance to your favorite hip-hop and pop tracks? The Cloak and Dagger is a popular venue with cozy vibes. Opened in 2015, founded by renowned breakdancer Sonny “Ghost” Tran. It’s renowned for its welcoming and energetic atmosphere, coupled with ornate decor. Check out that huge chandelier over the dancefloor! That’s not to mention the fine-tuned spirits menu, which features champagne if you’re feeling flashy. Cloak and Dagger is open Thursday through to Saturday each week. Do note that there’s a light dress code. Just don’t come in your sweats and high vis construction gear, and you’ll be alright.

5. Masseria

A favorite of former first lady Michelle Obama, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Masseria. Cultivating an adoration for the cuisine of the Italian coast, sample the fine Italian cooking on offer through the tasting menus, or catch up over specialty cocktails or sommelier-selected wines. For an exclusive night out, book into one of their monthly Dinners At The Bar – with limited tickets available, this will be a job for “the organizer ” of your group (you know the one!). 

6. The Magic Duel

This comedy and magic fusion based out of the Mayflower Hotel is a girl’s night out that’ll have the group chat buzzing for weeks after! Not just your standard card trick magicians (although there will definitely be some of that involved), Mark Phillips and Ryan Phillips compete to win the audience over in a night of laughs and surprise. You’ll get to vote for your favorite during the interval, and the audience participation doesn’t just stop there, so be prepared to get involved (or laugh at your friends when they do). This magical night out will leave you and your friends wondering if seeing really is believing.

7. The Pembroke

Fresh, plush and polished, The Pembroke’s ambiance is a breath of fresh air from dimly lit cocktail bars and serves as a great location for a fun girl’s night out. You’ll find this spot at The Dupont Circle Hotel, where you can choose from homemade pastas, farm fresh salads or classic fish dishes, to name a few. If you’re looking for more “dinner and drinks” than “drinks and debauchery”, The Pembroke offers the perfect setting for a more chilled evening out with the girls that’ll have you leaving with both a full stomach and a full heart.


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