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Administrative Professionals’ Day: Celebrating Our Team

By Swingers

April 24th is National Administrative Professionals’ Day, recognizing the dedicated professionals who support all businesses. Meet our team at Swingers, the crazy golf club.

Administrative Professionals’ Day: Celebrating Our Team

April 24th is National Administrative Professionals’ Day, recognizing the dedicated professionals who support all businesses. Administrative professionals ensure organization and efficiency; their abilities to project manage, multitask, and handle the unexpected make them key to any successful office or operation. 

We are shining the spotlight on the extraordinary administrative professionals behind the scenes: Danielle Glaze, Abbie Dickinson, and Annie D’Amico. Their support, dedication, and expert organizational skills keep our operations and business running smoothly. We asked them to share what inspires them, and tips for staying organized! 


Danielle Glaze, Executive Assistant, Competitive Socialising 

I am a West Indian hailing from Grenada. Coming from a place where your greatness is literally grown from the ground in front of you – as much work as you put in is the result you’ll get – I have always been inspired by quiet, kind, intentional, driven people who are hungry for learning, adaptable, and willing to build other hard workers up. I am inspired by women who make room for themselves in places that they’re told they don’t belong and the men who give them the room to blossom. And I am inspired by my spirituality and faith that keeps me humble when I have so much more to learn. 


Abbie Dickinson, Administrative Manager, Swingers NoMad

Administrative professionals carry more weight in the business world than people understand.  We take on a lot of things that are not under our realm of focus.  We address the unspoken needs and requirements of an office or team, making new systems and building out tools that ensure a seamless execution of operations. 

The teams that we have here are something I’ve never seen before—they work so cohesively in an amazing way.  The leaders I work with are my inspiration; they are very team-oriented and have the mindset of wanting to see people grow.  I enjoy seeing career development within our teams, and I am very proud of helping them build projects and systems that they can use. 


Annie D’amico, Operations Manager, Swingers Dupont Circle

 As administrative professionals, our goal is to make the jobs and lives of our teams easier every day. We optimize efficiency and consistency, find and create intuitive systems, and do our best to organize the chaos of operations. Having started my Swingers journey as a receptionist, I know how important it is to set our staff up for success as well as the management team. Being able to take tasks off others’ plates, administrative or otherwise, allows them to commit even more energy and resources to the operation and to our staff. Providing a throughline of consistency and reliability are difficult things to find in hospitality when every day looks a little bit different, but I strive to support my team in a way that enables us to do so. 


We are honored to celebrate National Administrative Professionals’ Day with our team. Say hello to our administrative professionals at Swingers NoMad and Swingers Dupont Circle on your next visit and check out their pro tips for organizing below!


Pro tips for organizing: 

  • Getting organized is a journey, so don’t be intimidated. 
  • Crossing items off a list can be very rewarding – try notetaking and list-making on physical paper like a notebook, post-its, etc. If physical notes don’t work for you, there are plenty of digital options. 
  • Ensure that everything has a place (digital files, paper files, items in the office, etc.) Even if your organization/placement system isn’t the most organized, at least there will be a location for everything one could need. 
  • Communication is key for any new or evolving system. Ensure you clearly communicate details, so your system can be maintained.
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