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7 Amazing Team Building Ideas In London Your Team Will Actually Love

By Swingers

Discover fun team building ideas in London your team will actually love: crazy golf, laser tag, rope courses and more.

7 Amazing Team Building Ideas In London Your Team Will Actually Love

Team building activities can greatly improve relationships and communication in the workplace, resulting in a happier and more productive team. And team building in London isn’t just for morale-boosting – you can also use it to incentivise or reward staff for hitting targets, or to unite remote and hybrid workers who are meeting for the first time!

But as important as team building is, it can be daunting having to organise company socials. Fortunately, in this day and age, team building no longer needs to consist of awkward icebreaker games in the office; instead, you and your team can get out into the city and enjoy the best team building activities London has to offer! Read on to discover 7 awesome team building ideas that everyone will love.

1. Swingers Crazy Golf

Two men and two women laugh with one another on the crazy golf course, as one of the women putts her ball.

If you need a team building activity for a diverse mix of tastes, there’s nothing better than crazy golf! Swingers is London’s premier crazy golf brand, and it has two beautifully designed clubs: Swingers City and Swingers West End. With Swingers, you can book private event spaces for large teams, or try group packages for up to 20 people.

Your team will love the glorious 1920s decor, clever crazy golf courses and dedicated customer service. But it’s not just the venue’s atmosphere that makes crazy golf the perfect team building activity – this socially competitive game is a great icebreaker and gives everyone something fun to focus on, so there are no awkward lulls. To top it off, there’s also an amazing selection of gourmet street food and luxury cocktails, so you won’t even need to go anywhere else. 

2. Zombie SWAT Training or Laser Tag

Graffiti of a zombie policeman on the locked metal doors of a warehouse, surrounded by more graffiti on the warehouse itself.

If your team is intrepid (and especially if they’re into horror movies), they’ll love you forever for taking them on a “zombie” team building activity in London! Ironically, your team will be anything but zombies by the end of this exercise – the thrill of the chase will have them bursting with energy.

It goes like this: in the depths of Bunker 51 in North Greenwich, your team will hear tell of an undead apocalypse. They’ll learn how to use special weapons to defeat the zombies… and must conquer their fears to battle the undead and prevent a worldwide disaster. With zombies played by live actors and a massive bunker where the life-and-death battle will unfold, this is one team building experience your employees won’t forget.

3. Go Ape High Rope Courses

A man climbs a rope course through the trees, looking upwards to see where to place his hands.

Or you can give your team a brand-new perspective – literally – by taking them up into the treetops above London! Go Ape is one of the most adventurous team days out the city has to offer. You’ll all enjoy spectacular views of the skyline as you swing, leap and zip-line around the courses, and there are different levels of difficulty to pick from so no one feels out of their depth.

In terms of locations, you can visit Go Ape high rope courses at Battersea Park, Alexandra Palace and Cockfosters. Adrenaline-junkie teams will particularly enjoy the challenging Go Ape courses at Cockfosters, complete with massive swings and the fastest zip-lines around. Contact Go Ape through their website to get a bespoke quote for your team building event.

4. clueQuest Escape Rooms

Two people operate a control panel in the centre of a futuristic neon-lit escape room.

Though escape rooms are in no short supply these days, clueQuest is one of the most original and best-reviewed venues for team bonding exercises  in London. Your team will be completely engrossed as they work together to solve the elaborate puzzles – and feel exhilarated when they succeed!

There are four thrilling adventures to choose from (including the intriguingly named PLAN52 and Revenge of the Sheep), all of which have linked backstories. PLAN52 is a classic escape room experience, while the others are more high-tech. All the rooms combine a linear and nonlinear set-up so everyone has something to keep them busy – and the cooperation required will surely bring them together.

5. TT Liquor Cocktail Class

Three women hold silver cocktail shakers at a wooden bar, smiling and laughing with one another.

If your team always has an amazing time drinking together but you don’t want to just hit the same old pubs, we have your team-building solution: a classy cocktail making experience with TT Liquor! Their classes last two hours and are filled to the brim with quality spirits, fresh garnishes and tons of fun. Not to mention that you and your team will actually learn useful tricks of the trade – and when the office holiday party rolls around, you’ll have a whole team of skilled mixologists to call upon!

You can visit TT Liquor at their flagship venue in Shoreditch, or request that their experts come to you for an in-office workshop. Just be aware that you might end up a little tipsy – though moderate drinkers can always donate surplus cocktails to their coworkers. If that’s not a recipe for better office relations, we don’t know what is!

6. Flip Out Trampoline Park

A man does a flip on a purple trampoline, the walls covered in decorative purple, green, and black graffiti.

Trampolines have long been a staple of kids’ parties, but why should adults miss out on all the fun? Let your employees unleash their playful sides with a team building event at one of Flip Out’s trampoline parks. They have parks in central London at Wandsworth and East Ham, with others situated in Greater London and beyond.

Your team will love bouncing their way around this huge arena! They might try the inflatable obstacle course at Wandsworth, or descend the 30-foot Ninja slide at East Ham. And for party-loving teams, the After Dark sessions on Friday evenings at Flip Out Wandsworth are ideal: there’s music, light shows and plenty of impressive trick jumps. You’ll find packages providing discounts for groups of 10 or more, with options for food and even private sessions.

7. Wildgoose Scavenger Hunts

Four people walk through the sunny streets of London, talking and laughing as they consult their phones.

Finally, if you’re wondering what other London team building ideas might bring out the childlike wonder in your employees, a Wildgoose scavenger hunt could be the answer! Their Urban Explorer package is customisable by city and even borough: you can pick from dozens of different scavenger hunts in London alone.

From there, all you’ll need is a smartphone, your walking shoes and a sense of adventure to get moving. As you and your team undertake Urban Explorer’s unusual routes and creative challenges, you’ll not only get to know the city better, but also each other. You can even add custom questions to the hunt to prompt the kinds of conversations you want to have – or to include a few inside jokes! It’s a super-fun activity that will also help you authentically immerse yourselves in the area where you work. And it only takes two hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to hit the pub afterwards.

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