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Best Spots to Catch Up With Friends in DC

By Swingers

Whether you’re looking for an activity to do together, or want to limit distractions so you can focus entirely on the gossip, we’ve put together a list of the best spots to catch up with your friends in Washington DC.

Best Spots to Catch Up With Friends in DC

Life can get busy, and it can be difficult to fit in time to catch up with friends. 

If you’ve been messaging your friends on a monthly basis saying “we must hangout soon!” – take this as a sign to book it in!

But you need to make sure you have the right setting for your catch up – it has to be somewhere appealing enough that means your plans really do make it out of the group chat. Whether you’re looking for an activity to do together, or want to limit distractions so you can focus entirely on the gossip, we’ve put together a list of the best spots to catch up with your friends in Washington DC.


1. Bring a competitive edge to your catch up at Swingers Crazy Golf


Are your friends a competitive bunch? Get the drinks flowing while you battle it out on a Swingers mini golf course.

With group packages available, including drinks vouchers, street food vouchers for some amazing vendors, and beautiful, Instagrammable decor at the venue and around the courses, it’s the perfect setting for a group day out.

Turn up the competition even more by adding a truth or dare element into the game – losers of each hole have to divulge a secret to the group or suffer a 1-stroke penalty on the next hole. 

 2. Join a yoga class

yoga class

Feel like nourishing your body and mind alongside your friends? Book a yoga class and improve your zen!

Not only does it improve strength and flexibility, but yoga is nice and low impact, meaning it’s ideal for beginners and you shouldn’t feel too tired or strained during or after the class. 

Here are some classes in DC:

3. Pamper yourselves with a facial or massage


It’ll be hard for your friends to make excuses to not come to a pamper day. A day of rest and relaxation is just what the doctor ordered for a group of friends who are super busy and looking for an opportunity to hangout.

Wind down from the stresses of every day and turn your me-time into friend-time by inviting a group of your close friends along for a pamper session.

While you might not get to chat too much during a massage or facial (it’ll be quite difficult!), once you’re all relieved of tension and glowing, you’ll be chilled out and ready for a chat.

4. Go for brunch


Brunch is a classic catch-up activity. Delicious food and a buzzing atmosphere with limited distractions is a great setting for good old gossip. 

Swingers is the perfect spot for a bottomless brunch – both alcoholic and otherwise – and our Weekend Set supplies a whopping seven Bellini flavors, four different Frost Delay Margaritas, Mimosas, beer, wine, as well as some delicious mocktail options across the two hour session. Tired of eggs benedict? We’ve put a spin on brunch food, with delicious bites from Kneadza Pizza, TuTaco, Lil’ Succotash, and Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery.

Looking for more brunch options? Check out our bottomless brunch roundup. Maybe you can turn the once-in-a-blue-moon meetups into a more regular occurrence.

5. Have a laugh at a comedy night


Few things in life are better than laughing with your friends. Take the pressure off your own skills as a jokester, and have professionals provide it for you at a comedy show.

Improv allows you to feel involved in the show – you’ll get to influence the direction the show is taken in with your inputs as a crowd. You’ll be recounting jokes to each other all the way home

6. Listen to a spin on your favorite band’s music at a candlelight concert

candlelight concert

Big Taylor Swift fans? Love a bit of retro hip-hop? Instead of fighting for tickets to your favorite artist’s concerts, consider listening to their musical stylings in a more intimate setting at a candlelight concert. As the name suggests, you’ll be surrounded by candlelight in the atmospheric Miracle Theater on 8th Street. 

They have a photography service on site, so you can capture the special night out with your friends.

  • Upcoming concerts include: Best of Hip-Hop, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and more.

7. See a movie

movie theatre

With so many streaming options available, going out to watch a movie has almost become a thing of the past. Whether you’re avidly awaiting the newest big film release, or wanting to rewatch cult classics, make an event of it by taking a trip to the movie theater. 

Going out to watch a movie ensures you’ll be truly immersed in the action, and going as a group and catching up and bonding over each of your opinions once the movie has finished adds to the experience.

Some locations also host special screenings, providing brunch and movie-related props to further enhance your experience.

8. Go for a walk along the river

Washington DC

One of the best things about living in DC is the scenery – we’ve got a lot of stunning landscapes to enjoy!

Going for a walk with your friends is a nice option if you’re looking for minimal planning, no fuss, and something to suit everyone. Many of the routes are paved, making this option more accessible than some others. Grab some fresh air and exercise while you take in the beautiful landscapes DC has to offer.

It’s not just good for your physical health, going for a walk also means there are minimal distractions, so you’ll be completely free to catch up on the latest gossip.

Things to do with friends include visiting the lighthouse at Jones Point Park, strolling along the Boardwalk at Neabsco Creek Park, or indulging in the drama at Great Falls Park.

You can stop for a seat if the gossip gets real, and it’s the perfect opportunity to take some scenic photos to commemorate your catch up.

9. Get crafty


Whether you’re a pro or a novice, crafting with your friends is a sure-fire way of an enjoyable day. Plus, you’ll get to take home your creations once you’ve finished.

There are lots of options in DC to choose from, so tailor your craft class to your group’s preferences – are you a hands-on bunch who love to get messy? Consider a pottery class. Want to sit back and drink while trying (and maybe failing) to paint? Try a more casual painting class – even if you aren’t a painting expert, it’s a funny experience where you can lightheartedly mock each other’s attempts. 

Arts and crafts classes are a great way to develop a hobby, or try something you’ve never tried before (or haven’t tried since elementary school).

If you’re looking for a spot that does a bit of everything, try out Shop Made or Relume. These locations offer “paint and sip”-style sessions, as well as candle making, soap making, DIY mocktails, embroidery, and more. All Fired Up is a perfect location if you’re looking for something more pottery specific. If you want to try your hand at knitting, crochet or embroidery, take a look at Fibre Space.

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