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Unusual Fitness Trends To Try This Year

By Swingers

Explore unusual fitness trends to try this year, from unique workouts to innovative exercises, on The Edition by Swingers Golf.

Unusual Fitness Trends To Try This Year

A new year kicks off the well-versed conversations about “getting fit for Summer” following a Christmas season full of over-indulgence. But if “hitting the gym” isn’t your thing and you’re dying to try out an alternative to taking up running, the chore of researching fun fitness classes alone is enough to make you regret your fitness resolutions.

Don’t give up yet! We’ve put together a list of unusual fitness trends to try this year, to avoid busy gyms and find your next new hobby.


What on Earth is 12-3-30?

12-3-30 might sound like some kind of equation, but it’s actually a treadmill setting that’s famed to be very effective.

We might have lost you when we said “treadmill”, but we promise there’s no running involved! The numbers mean that the treadmill is set to a 12% incline, walking at 3 miles per hour, for 30 minutes. 

The workout was first introduced by YouTuber Lauren Giraldo, who claimed it helped her to lose 30 pounds and, more importantly, helped her to overcome her intimidation about going to the gym.

Walking is noted by experts as a great way of exercising – improving your cardiovascular system, strengthening your bones and muscles, and is a simple, yet effective method to losing weight.

One of the pros of this workout is that it’s super accessible – most gyms have treadmills, or you might even have one yourself at home. You don’t need to learn how to use new, terrifying gym equipment, and you can easily fit the 30 minute workout into your routine.

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Try your hand at piloxing

People working out

Credit: Piloxing

Combining the unlikely duo of pilates and boxing (with a splash of dance too), piloxing is a new fitness trend that is guaranteed to inspire lots of questions from anyone you mention it to.

Pilates is designed to sculpt and tone muscles, and boxing is cardio-heavy, so together they combine for a high energy, fun exercise.

Piloxing was invented by professional dancer and pilates master, Viveca Jensen, with the intention of getting fit fun, accessible, and free from pressure.

If you find the repetitive motions of exercising at the gym boring, piloxing provides a refreshing change of pace. With choreography tailored to classes’ fitness levels, you can start attending classes even if you’re a complete beginner.

Doing your workout in a class setting is a great way to ensure it becomes routine, rather than something you drop as soon as you don’t fancy doing it any more. It’s a great way of making friends, as you’re all going through the same tough workout together. If you’re so inclined, it can also stir up your competitive side – even though the activity isn’t competitive itself, sometimes you can’t help but try to be better than the people you’re next to.

>Where to access:
Amy Lamont Fitness

Piloxing Sunday

Virtual Piloxing Classes

DanceUp London

Piloxing With Rachel


Stretch it out with dog yoga


woman doing Yoga with brown dog

Credit: Yoga Journal

One for the dog lovers – if you find regular yoga yawn-inducing, puppy yoga is anything but. While you’ll still perform the usual yoga poses, there’ll be the added excitement of a puppy (or two) trying to get involved.

Dog yoga originated in around 2002 when yoga instructor Suzi Teitelman brought her pet dog into a class. It’s seen a huge surge in popularity over the last few years, and has even seen the introduction of other animals to the practice, such as rabbits, cats, and even snakes!

The benefits of yoga are numerous, including increased flexibility, strength and balance, improved heart health, better sleep, and improved relaxation. Involving dogs only increases the benefits – interacting with animals is known to decrease stress and lower blood pressure.

As a low-impact exercise, yoga is suitable for a variety of people, from all skill and flexibility levels (depending on the class and instructor). The yoga poses you’ll do in these classes will all be dog-friendly, and held for a shorter duration to maintain the puppy’s (and your) attention span!

With the popularity of puppy yoga booming over the last few years, it’s important to make sure the classes you’re signing up to promote ethical consideration for the animals involved. The puppies’ involvement in the classes should be part of larger socialisation initiatives, and should be monitored by the locations providing the sessions to ensure they come from loving homes and ethical breeding practices.

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Puppy Yoga London


Shake it off with dance classes

Dance Class

Credit: Dance Dynamics

If the only exercise you’re currently doing is dancing around the living room to your favourite songs – good news, there’s a way you can turn this into an exercise routine!

Dance classes are a great way to get fit while having fun. You’ll improve your cardiovascular system, fitness, strength, balance and posture, while also having a positive impact on your memory. Learning and retaining choreography keeps your brain active and engaged, helping your brain to create new connections – known to reduce memory loss.

There’s no “leg day” or “arm day” with dance classes – the activity will have you moving your whole body. You can find classes to suit the dance style, music, and proficiency level of your choosing.

>Where to access:
City Academy

Class Pass
City Lit



Start the year on a high with aerial yoga

woman doing aerial yoga

Credit: Foodspring

If you’re looking for yoga with a little more “circus”, aerial yoga could be the activity you’re looking for this new year. Flip everything you thought you knew about yoga on its head (literally), with these airborne workouts.

Aerial yoga combines the ancient practice of yoga with aerial acrobatics, incorporating hammock-like slings that hang from the ceiling to aid the poses.

You’ll get all the benefits of yoga (as listed above), with the addition of a more vigorous ab workout, with the off-the-ground activity reducing your stability, making you rely more on your stomach muscles.

With this activity being more involved than traditional yoga, make sure to communicate any mobility issues or injuries with the instructor, so they know which exercises you should avoid.

>Where to access: 

Flying Fantastic

London Dance Academy

Repose Space Antigravity
Hackney Aerial Yoga
Hangout Yoga


Mini golf – exercise while having fun

woman celebrating mini golf


If you aren’t looking for a regular workout activity, but are looking to make healthier choices with activities you’re currently doing, consider how you can make a night out with friends involve exercise.

With everyone burned out from Christmas and Dry-January extending into dry-rest of the year, the start of the year can be tricky in terms of socialising. Rather than the standard “pub anyone?” message in the group chat, make your night out more exciting.

Mini golf at Swingers is a great excuse to pull your friends away from a night in front of the tv, and bring them together for a night of competitive fun.

You’ll always be on the move – with nine holes to navigate, plus the chance to dance the night away after you’ve finished your game, you’ll be impressed with your step count by the end of the night.

No excuses for the non drinkers – you can absolutely keep it a sober affair. Swingers offers delicious alcohol alternatives from Clean Co. so you won’t wake up with a sore head.

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