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Galentine’s day date ideas in London

By Swingers

Valentine’s Day is a thing of the past - it's all about Galentine’s Day now! Express your love for your friends & celebrate friendship with a fun activity.

Galentine’s day date ideas in London

Valentine’s Day is so last year, it’s all about Galentine’s Day now! Forget couples, tell your friends how much you love them and celebrate your friendship with a fun activity.

Why should people in a relationship get all the fun? Platonic love is where it’s at, and is just as important as romantic love. 

Here’s a list of our favourite ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day this year:


1. Swingers

Two girls pose at the wheel of a Swingers golf cart, smiling with their drinks.

Of course Swingers is in our number one spot – but we aren’t biassed, promise! It’s the ideal trip out with the gals – with fab cocktails, pumping music, and a little friendly competition.

 Hit it off on the golf courses – there’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get everyone laughing.

Perfect for the hard-to-please group, as there’s a bit of something for everyone. Games, drinking, music, and dancing, all set in beautiful surroundings. The 1920s aesthetics provide the perfect backdrop for a group photo – your group chat’s icon is bound to need updating!


2. Bottomless brunch

Bottomless brunch is a classic activity with friends already – why not put a Galentine’s spin on it?

The fun at Swingers doesn’t just stop at the courses – our Sunday Set offers bottomless cocktails (frozen and otherwise), beers, wines and fizz for 90 minutes. With delicious pizzas, burgers and tacos, not to mention Crosstown Donuts, what more could you ask for?

For more ideas for bottomless brunch spots in London, check out our blog.


3. Wine Tasting

wine tasting

Make an event out of chatting over a glass of wine – celebrate Galentine’s Day with a wine tasting. With many locations around London offering wine education (Gaucho has a special event for Galentine’s Day, or you could gatecrash Vagabond’s Valentine’s special), take the intimidating talk of tannins and legs out of wine tasting.

With your girls by your side, you can either get fully involved in educating yourselves about wine, taking mental notes about which types to pick up for your next catch up, or just nod along to the expert’s advice while enjoying the delicious wines available.


4. Spa Trip


Your friends will love you if you suggest a spa trip together! Galentine’s is the perfect excuse for a girl’s trip entirely consisting of rest and relaxation (although the occasional gossip might slip into the plans). 

The Ned is a great spot if you’re not sure on the specifics of what everyone is looking for. With a range of treatments available, including pedicures, facials, and massages, Galentine’s day is guaranteed to be less stressful for you than for those in relationships fighting for restaurant reservations (although if you’re looking for Valentine’s Day date night recommendations, we have a blog for that too!).


5. Try your hand at a crafty Galentine’s workshop

For a bit more of a chilled, creative Galentine’s date, take the group to a crafts session. If you choose something all of you are new to, you can bond over your struggle together, and as you get to take your creations home at the end, you can either laugh at your wonky wares, or bask in the glory of being good at stuff!

Some ideas:

Calligraphy workshop

Flower arranging

Clay workshop

Mug making workshop


6. See Clueless the Musical

clueless musical

Miss an opportunity to watch a classic chick flick with your friends? Ugh, as if! Clueless the Musical is showing at the Churchill Theatre, so you can reminisce watching the movie as a teen with the friends who were at those sleepovers watching it with you.

With music from the legendary KT Tunstall, watch as Cher Horowitz embarks on makeovers, boy troubles, and super fashionable outfit selections.


7. Karaoke 


What’s a more wholesome experience than screaming the lyrics of your favourite songs alongside your friends? 

At Lucky Voice, you’ll have your own private karaoke room, so you can sing to your heart’s content. Whether you’re musically gifted, super enthusiastic, or a bit of both, it’s truly a bonding experience to be brave and sing in front of your friends. 

You’ll realise you stop being self conscious and nervous to sing after a few songs (and drinks!) – if you’re particularly worried, choose a popular song and encourage the rest of the group to sing along with you. To make it a truly girly experience, stick to songs just by female artists.


8. Makeup class


Are your makeup skills entirely based on the YouTube tutorials you watched as a teen? Or maybe your skills are up to par, but you’re looking for advice on how to get a flawless base, or how to feel inspired with eyeshadow?

Grab your pals and head on down to the Chanel makeup masterclass in Covent Garden. Here, experts will help you curate your signature looks. With a complimentary glass of champagne as well as a free chique Chanel notebook and pencil that you can show off at work, it’s the perfect celebration of girlhood.


9. Biscuit decorating class

biscuit icing

The best part about baking is eating the delicious food. The second best is decoration. Bring the gals together for a biscuit decorating class at Biscuiteers.

Gatecrash the Valentine’s event and celebrate the love of friendship by decorating heart shaped biscuits for each other (or for yourself!). It’s not as easy as you might think, so you might come away with some interesting designs – luckily the team on hand are there to guide you with their industry expertise.


10. Fashion-themed afternoon tea

afternoon tea

If your friendship group has a passion for fashion, have we got a group activity for you! The Berkeley is hosting Prêt-À-Portea, a fashion themed afternoon tea, with delicacies themed around catwalk creations ranging from an orange flavoured take on Victoria Beckham’s trophy jacket to a Versace gown made from mousse.

Served alongside canapes, sandwiches and loose leaf tea, the baked stars of the show provide a fashion forward twist on the afternoon tea – bound to leave the group with lots of memories alongside full stomachs!


Swingers ~ The crazy golf club

We believe that life is more fun when there is an element of competition, and that competition is best enjoyed with friends.

Swingers, the crazy golf club takes the holy trinity that is crazy golf, street food and amazing cocktails and combines them all into one incredible social experience