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7 Fun Double Date Ideas in London

By Swingers

Discover why double dating is a great idea, how to plan the best double date and use our fun double date ideas in London for inspiration.

7 Fun Double Date Ideas in London

Thinking of planning Date Night with another couple? You’ll need to come up with some fun double date ideas – activities that will be enjoyable, interesting and conversation-stimulating for all four of you (no pressure!). Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with seven creative double date ideas in London that are sure to be winners, whatever your budget or interests.

Why You Should Consider Double Dating

First off, let’s talk about why you might want to go on a double date – just in case you were on the fence. Perhaps the greatest advantage of double dating is how relatively low-pressure it is; having another couple with you and your date can really take the pressure off, as you’re no longer focusing solely on each other. This can help you feel much more relaxed, and may work especially well for first dates or newly dating couples.

It can be extra-helpful to go out with another couple you both know, or whom at least one of you knows very well. Not only will this help you and your date come out of your respective shells, but you’ll also get to know each other on a deeper level. The other party can share stories and insights about your partner that you may not have heard or realised before, and you’ll leave the double date feeling warm, relaxed and well-versed in the person you’re currently seeing.

Double dating can also be a breath of fresh air for long-term couples. After all, if you’ve been in a relationship for a while – especially if you live together and talk every day – it’s understandably hard to shift into “date mode” and find interesting things to talk about! Going on a double date allows you to switch things up, adding excitement and getting some different personalities in the mix.

On a crazy golf course, two men and two women watch as one of the men hits his ball into the hole.

How to Plan an Amazing Double Date

There are a few more things to keep in mind as you’re planning your double date. First and foremost, make sure you pick the right couple to go on the date with you. Even if you’re not that close (not yet anyway), they should be people you both get along with – otherwise there could be some awkwardness!

Once you’ve asked the ideal couple to double date, go ahead and suggest a shared activity. This will give everyone something to focus on and help you break the ice, which will be handy if you’re not especially well-acquainted. Having landed on the right activity, all you have to do is get ready and enjoy! If you’re feeling jittery beforehand, have a read through our post on how to act on a first date (because even if it’s not your first date with your partner, it’s a first date of sorts with the other couple!).

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 7 Fun Double Date Ideas in London

One of the perks of dating in a city like London is that there are loads of potential double date ideas for a wide array of budgets and interests. So you don’t have to comb through all the research yourself, here are our top seven picks:

1. Dopamine Land

A girl walks through a stream of fluorescent lights at Dopamine Land

Located in South Kensington, Dopamine Land is a museum like no other! This multisensory experience that has various installations you can interact with that transform childhood dreams into real adventures. Play with bubble guns, find your way through a surreal digital forest, go inside a popcorn machine and have a pillow fight without worrying about blanketing your bedroom in feathers. It takes just an hour to make your way through the interactive rooms, so you can always combine it with the nearby Natural History Museum or V&A to make it a longer date.

2.Abracadabra Walking Magic Tour

cards being shuffled

If you’re after something really special for your double date, you could book a meandering magic tour of London. You’ll spend a few hours in the company of a professional magician, who will guide you through the city streets and give you the lowdown on the West End’s most magical secrets. You’ll discover the site of a famous Houdini escape, legendary London ghosts and much more, ending your tour with a private magic show over coffee – which will also provide great conversation fodder for later (“How did he do that?”).

3. Swingers Crazy Golf

A young man helps position his date’s swing on an indoor crazy golf course with a wooden loop-de-loop.

A bit of competitive socialising could be just what’s needed for the perfect double date! Play a round or two of crazy golf at Swingers City or Swingers West End to encourage some friendly rivalry. You could play as every man for himself, as couple versus couple or switch up the teams to make it a little more interesting. Not to mention there are world-class cocktails and gourmet street food, so everyone on the double date can get exactly what they like. From the lively courses to the delicious drinks and sit-down eateries, Swingers truly is the double date destination with something for everyone.

4. Tate Modern Lates
 People move through the Tate Modern museum, looking small from this vantage point three stories above them.

If your double dating group is artistically inclined, everybody will love an evening at the Tate Modern. You can enjoy talks, workshops, performances and even contribute to interactive artwork. And while the museum itself is free, there are also exhibitions kept open late into the evening, which you can see with paid tickets. These events are different every time and are held approximately once a month, so you could make it a regular double date night if you all have fun!

5. Rock Climbing

Four climbers move along a climbing wall. A black-haired person watches from the side-line.

Another fun option for double daters is visiting an indoor climbing centre such as Vauxwall. Vauxwall has several different walls and courses for all different levels of expertise, all within a huge open-plan centre! The centre boasts 500m2 of quality climbing surface with dedicated climbing instructors on hand for first timers. For those more familiar with bouldering, this could be a great way to show off your athleticism – why not challenge your dates to a race to the top? For non-climbers, a climbing date is a great light-hearted way to break the ice and get to know each other whilst stepping out of your comfort zone.

6. London Zoo

Tiger spotted at London Zoo

Nature-loving couples will be thrilled with a double date at the London Zoo. You can admire incredible animals like giraffes, tigers and macaws, plus there are various eateries where you can sit down together and refuel. In terms of human speakers and entertainment, you can also join the daily talks and demonstrations, or book exciting experiences like feeding the gorillas or penguins – what could be more memorable than that for a double date?

7. The Doodle Bar

People pack into the warehouse-like space of Doodle Bar, visible under warm lights and a blue metal awning.

A short distance from the Shard is Doodle Bar, where creative double daters can play ping pong and draw on the huge blackboard wall. This unusual spot also offers signature burgers to choose from, cocktails and local craft beers to enjoy, and over 20 different types of gin. It’s a genuinely cool, relaxed vibe on a Friday or Saturday night – not to mention situated under the railway arches of London for ultimate urban artsiness.

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