Valentine’s Day Ideas in NYC

By Swingers

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day in NYC? If you’re short on ideas, here are 10 amazing places to try for your NYC Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Ideas in NYC

New York City: the city that never sleeps. It’s also the city where you can’t sleep on making Valentine’s Day plans! If you’re seeking something cool and original to do this Valentine’s Day in NYC, look no further. Here are 10 great ideas for you and your date on February 14th – just be sure to book ‘em sooner rather than later.

1. Enjoy mini-golfing and cocktails at Swingers

Two girls in a booth lift their drinks over a platter of pizza and French fries.

You might be surprised to hear that mini golf has recently been dubbed the most romantic sport of all time. Well, not really – but at Swingers, the crazy golf club with amazing decorations, fun courses and delicious food and drinks, you can see how it might be! Indoor mini golf – or crazy golf, as we call it when obstacles and cocktails are involved – is ideal for a little friendly competition (and flirtation). Visit for Valentine’s Day from February 8th-15th to see just why Swingers makes for the perfect date in NYC!

To give you a little taste, at Swingers NoMad, you and your partner can challenge each other to navigate one of the three exciting crazy golf courses: the Waterwheel, the Clocktower or the Windmill. Take the edge off with a special Valentine’s Day cocktail, The New Romantic, with Espolon Reposado, raspberry, lime, spicy tincture and ginger beer – or for something really special, treat yourself and your date to a bottle of Perrier Jouët Grand Brut.

A heart-shaped sourdough pizza topped with pesto, burrata and plum tomatoes.

If you start feeling a little tired (or tipsy), just grab a table and a couple of Valentine’s Day menus. You’ll sample charcuterie boards to share, as well as elevated combinations like the guacamole and berries from Fonda Tacos. Finish off your Valentine’s visit with a spot of dessert; we’d suggest the chocolate-covered strawberries from Mah-Ze-Dahr. You won’t find a sweeter Valentine’s Day anywhere else!

2. Savor a champagne flight at Air’s Champagne Parlor

Three glasses of rosé, orange and regular champagne on a table with votive candles and a menu behind them.

Champagne is always a solid choice for Valentine’s Day, but a Champagne flight? You’ll both be soaring afterwards, so to speak – a pun which ties in nicely to the name of this NYC spot. Air’s Champagne Parlor in Greenwich Village is sure to have you fizzing with excitement, with choices ranging from natural orange and rosé sparkling wines to iconic bottles like Dom Perignon. And we can’t ignore the food here, either; have you ever perused a menu and found an entire caviar sandwich? At Air’s, you will – along with other calibrated delicacies like oysters, truffle aioli frites and (for the indulgent seven-year-old in all of us) grilled cheese with apple mostarda and lemon honey.

3. Take in breathtaking views at the Edge

People take in vast, clear views of the NYC skyline at the top of the Edge.

Or you can literally take to the skies at the Edge in Hudson Yards: a 100-story-high observation deck with breathtaking views of New York City! So long as you and your date don’t suffer from a fear of heights, you’ll have an incredible time looking out over the Edge – which just so happens to be the highest outdoor sky deck in the country. You’ll find the Edge at the top of Hudson Yards Shopping Center; simply take the elevator from the fourth floor and step straight onto this iconic deck. It’s open from 10am-10pm daily, though we’d recommend a sunset visit to make the most of your Valentine’s Day. Be sure to snap plenty of photos… but think twice before looking straight down!

4. Dive into sprinkles at the Museum of Ice Cream

A couple sits among pink-and-red plastic sprinkles, raising glasses of sparkling wine to the camera.

If you haven’t yet visited the Museum of Ice Cream in NYC, know that the social media shots don’t do it justice. Yes, it’s a great place to snap cute, colourful pics of you and your date, but the museum has much more to offer: ice cream tastings, fascinating history and immersive sensory experiences, all in one Valentine’s Day visit! Here you can dive into oversized plastic sprinkles (like an adult-sized, Instagram-friendly ball pit), dance through rooms of mirrors, play house in a pastel kitchen and pose with millennial-pink props. Along the way, you’ll learn all about how ice cream was invented and popularized – and of course, sample plenty of the sweet stuff itself.

5. Laugh all night at Gotham Comedy Club

The interior of Gotham Comedy Club, with polished wooden tables and a stage mural featuring the city.

All these ideas are sure to spark joy, but there’s nothing like great comedy to leave your blood singing! There are plenty of stellar comedy clubs in NYC, but we’d suggest somewhere tried-and-true like Gotham Comedy Club: an impressive hub of established comics and fresh talent. They’ve got events happening throughout February, so there are plenty of opportunities to book a table for two – and potentially discover the next cast member on SNL. Even if every other act bombs, you’re sure to get a standing ovation from your partner for this creative and entertaining Valentine’s Day. Trust us, you’ll end the night feeling cheerier than ever (and the two-drink minimum is only part of that).

6. Pretend like you’re on a tropical vacation at Tiki Chick

A bartender measures a drink behind a bartop covered in jars of garnishes and tiki bar decorations.

Speaking of which, you’ll have no trouble choosing two drinks at Tiki Chick, a tropical oasis on the Upper West Side. You might sense by now that we’re fans of Instagram-friendly spots, and you’d be right! Tiki Chick is a picture-perfect paradise for frozen cocktails and enviable snaps. Here you’ll find fruity twists on familiar drinks and Hawaiian-inspired chicken sandwiches – but the crown jewel of Tiki Chick has to be their frozen cocktail menu. One notable example is the “Pickle Painkiller” made of white rum, coconut, orange, pineapple and (wait for it) pickle brine. The sweet, strong classics like piña coladas and daiquiris are on the menu too – but if you do stop by on Valentine’s Day, we implore you to be adventurous!

7. Challenge each other to the games at Wonderville

A blue-and-purple-lit arcade with original games and two people playing on one of the machines.

Then again, maybe your perfect Valentine’s Day would be a little less adventurous – say, a cozy day inside playing video games. We’d still suggest getting out of the house to Wonderville, a superb space in Brooklyn for independently made arcade games. Trade in your old Nintendo standbys for the brilliant works on display here! From psychedelic pinball to motion-sensor interactive games, there’s something for every gamer at Wonderville. Don’t miss the cleverly named cocktails either, like the “Tom Nook Collins” after Animal Crossing’s entrepreneurial raccoon. Also keep in mind that Wonderville regularly rotates in new games, so you can come back next Valentine’s Day for a whole new collection of fun!

8. Try the phenomenal tasting menu at L’abeille

The gray stone exterior of l’abeille restaurant, with the doors thrown open to the warm interior.

Another deceptively unassuming NYC spot, l’abeille provides five-star French dining in the heart of Tribeca. Indeed, if it’s an upscale Valentine’s Day dinner you’re after, the cuisine at l’abeille will not disappoint. Their tasting menus are pricey, but worth it if you and your partner are true foodies: foie gras royale, white truffle tagliolini and grilled venison with hazelnut are just a small sample of what’s available. Couples will revel in the minimalist, exquisite dining room – polished wood, soft lighting, flowers to block out the real world – as they taste these singular flavors from Chef Mitsunobu Nagae. (And for those on a budget, never fear! l’abeille does à la carte items and separate desserts as well.)

9. Or tuck into delicious Italian food at LaRina

Plates of pasta, garlic bread and mozzarella on a wooden table.

Pivoting to more casual continental cuisine, LaRina is yet another delicious choice for your Valentine’s Day in NYC. With a vast range of appetizers, rich Italian pastas and a 25-page-long wine list, LaRina is definitely a people-pleasing type of place – and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Stop by to split some pizza bianca and a bottle of sweet wine, or go all-out with smoked spaghetti or ravioli followed by a secondi of brook trout, chicken milanese or dry-aged rib eye steaks. If you and your date are pinot people or fettuccine fanatics, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at LaRina.

10. Check out lavish musical vibes at The Nines

A piano bar with red velvet furnishings, golden ceiling and warm lights.

And whether you’re starting or ending your Valentine’s Day here, you can’t go wrong with a trip to The Nines (ironically on this list at #10). This spacious piano bar of red velvet and gold will sweep you off your feet! Share small plates of crudités and hamachi before moving on to their marvelous cocktail menu. There are a number of strong choices here, but we’d endorse the titular “The Nines”: tequila, mezcal, passion fruit and yuzu. Of course, the real treat comes when the piano starts up – before you know it, it’s closing time at 2am, and you and your date are humming Sinatra all the way home.

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