Plan the perfect proposal at Swingers

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We’ve put together our top tips for planning the perfect proposal at Swingers, so you’ll be fully prepared to ask the most important question of your life!

Plan the perfect proposal at Swingers

So you’ve found the one! You’ve bought the ring and you’re ready to go. Where is the perfect location to pop the question? Well, we might be biased, but Swingers, the crazy golf club, is a clear winner in our books.

We’ve put together our top tips for planning the perfect proposal at Swingers, so you’ll be fully prepared to ask the most important question of your life!

Find the perfect date night spot

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So, you’ve chosen Swingers as the best spot for your engagement (good choice!) With the fun of mini golf bringing you together, you can connect over drinks (cocktails and mocktails) and let your partner know how much you care. 

The scenic, 1920s themed background lends for a beautiful environment and the ultimate backdrop to capture the memory of the moment in photographs.

It’s also a great ruse to take your partner completely by surprise – Swingers already lends itself to an ideal date night, so your partner is likely to be completely unsuspecting.

Make it special

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Take the night to the next level. Reserve an area to yourselves and order all of your favorite foods. Our Dupont Circle venue can be booked for groups between 12 – 450 people, and our NoMad location is available for between 12 – 525, and both are also available to hire out in their entirety, so you can truly personalize the whole event.

Only you know your partner, so you’ll know whether you should invite their family and friends to join in the celebration, or make it a more intimate affair.

Swingers have a delicious selection of food to indulge in, so you can be sure you’re adequately fueled before you summon the courage to get down on one knee, or for tucking into after you’ve popped the question. At Dupont Circle, you can choose from Kneadza pizza, tuTaco, Lil Succotash, and Mah Ze Dahr. At our NoMad location, on offer is Emmy² Burger, Tacos Fonda, and Mah Ze Dahr. With so much variety, you can cater to both of your tastes.

Timing is key


Do you want a build up to the proposal, or are you too nervous and want to start the date out by popping the question and continue the night celebrating?

Consider: where you’re putting the ring (and how easy it’ll be to play mini golf while keeping it concealed), your partner’s mood (will they be more likely to say yes once they’ve beaten you at mini golf?), and the best location to do it in (3D winner’s podium to capture the photo? Yes please).

Know what to say

speech writing

It’s an important moment – what are you going to say before you propose? It might be worth writing down some bullet points before you go – while not ideal to whip out a scrappy piece of paper while you’re saying your piece, writing down your intentions will help you remember exactly what you want to say and will be a romantic keepsake for the future.

Let your partner know how much you care, why you want to marry them, and most importantly, ask them if they want to marry you! It’s an emotional moment for you both, so getting to the point quickly will save you from stumbling over your words (and save your legs for the course competition!)

Take photos

take photos

Whether you’ve got family and friends on standby, or you’ve let someone at the venue know you’re planning to propose (please get in touch with the team before you arrive so we’re aware of your plans), nominate a dedicated photographer to capture the moment for lasting memories. Give your dedicated photographer a cue to let them know they need to get their camera ready (probably better to let them know ahead of time, so your partner doesn’t see you sneaking off to chat to someone!)

How to celebrate after they’ve said yes

weekend set

Now the pressure’s off, and you can celebrate as a happy couple – time to get the drinks flowing! Swingers has a huge selection of drinks to choose from.

Both locations have a number of Champagne and prosecco options to toast the event. Continue into the evening by indulging in the many cocktails or mocktails on offer. 

Next Steps

Once the proposal has happened, and you’re both floating in the engagement bubble, thinking about wedding planning will be next on the list. It can be quite an overwhelming prospect, especially if neither of you have planned an event before.

Maybe you’ll want to make your wedding Swingers themed too! Our venue across the pond at the West End in London hosts weddings.

Swingers ~ The crazy golf club

We believe that life is more fun when there is an element of competition, and that competition is best enjoyed with friends.

Swingers, the crazy golf club takes the holy trinity that is crazy golf, street food and amazing cocktails and combines them all into one incredible social experience