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Paradise Love: Celebrating Caribbean Heritage with Ten to One Rum

By Swingers

Celebrate Black History Month with our cocktail competition featuring Ten to One Rum. Explore a short interview with the winner! | The Edition by Swingers Golf

Paradise Love: Celebrating Caribbean Heritage with Ten to One Rum

With their high-quality rum, Ten to One is attempting to break the norm of how people drink and view rum. When discussing whom we should partner with at Swingers for our Black History Month competition, we immediately thought of Ten to One. Their commitment to crafting exceptional rum blends that honor Caribbean heritage aligns perfectly with our vision for celebrating Black excellence.  

We gave the team two weeks to develop a cocktail using Ten to One Rum, tapping into the tales and traditions that make this rum special. Then, we all gathered around as a panel of judges to taste-test and enjoy each unique creation. All submissions that we received were incredible in their own way but one stood out to us the most. 

Meet Norval Fowler, the winner of our new Ten-to-One cocktail, to learn more about his inspiration for Paradise Love.


What inspired your cocktail creation, Paradise Love? 

The island vibe is the inspiration behind my cocktail. When you take a sip of Paradise Love, you get a sweet and sour flavor from the pineapple juice and passion fruit puree. The Ten to One Rum elevates your taste buds and transports you to a Caribbean location with the impression that you’re sitting on the beach under your umbrella enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze. 

What are three words that describe your cocktail?

Refreshing, Tropical and Fun

How did you come up with the name for your cocktail?

The love for my country Jamaica, which is also love and paradise in one

Did you know about Ten to One rum before developing this cocktail?  

I was introduced to Ten to One by Sebastian Corredor, Swingers NoMad’s Bar Manager. He shares with me the reason behind partnering with Ten to One Rum:

Ten to One Rum was a product I came across nearly 5 years ago while I was running a bar in the Lower East Side with a tiki influence. During that time, I was exposed to a wide variety of different rums from different styles and regions and learned different ways to incorporate them into rum cocktails.

During this rum R&D period of my life, I became obsessed with classic daiquiris and how a cocktail that was so simple could be transformed into a different level depending on what rum was being used. Then came Ten to One Rum. It was the beginning of a love story. Not only did I become a fan of the product because of how it tasted, but I also became fond of its origin story. Ten to One Rum is a Caribbean-owned rum with a beautiful meaning behind its name.


Quick fire: Where is your cocktail best enjoyed – on the course or at the bar?  Both

Quick fire: Do it for the show or keep it simple? Show

Quick fire: This cocktail is best paired with… any seafood entree best paired with guacamole with seafood salpicon and fish tacos.


Check out Paradise Love on the spring menu here. 

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