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Friend Date Ideas

By Swingers

Where’s the best place to organise a catch up with friends in London? We’ve put together a list of our top choices so you can have a fun and memorable time.

Friend Date Ideas

So, your friend catch-up has finally left the group chat, and you’re putting a plan into action about where to go and what to do.

Don’t let indecision scupper your plans – Where are the best spots in London to enjoy yourself with friends? Whether you’re looking to go for drinks, do some shopping, pamper yourselves, or see some entertainment, we’ve put together a list of our top things to do in London for a friend date. 


Swingers winners on podium

A clear number one on any list (but especially ours!), Swingers is the top spot for catching up with friends.

Whether you want to indulge in our bottomless brunch option (complete with unlimited mini golf), or stop in for a bite and a round of mini golf, our crazy courses are the perfect challenge to inspire your friendship group’s competitive side.

With multiple courses to play at both our City and West End venues, we’re easy to get to, low maintenance to organise, and a super fun time!

Top Secret Comedy Club


An easy option for a night out is a trip to see some comedy. With very little to organise (often you can buy tickets on the door at smaller venues, but we’d recommend booking in advance to secure a spot), you can just turn up, sit down, and enjoy the show.

The Top Secret Comedy Club on Drury Lane is a comedy venue with two separate shows running across two floors, sometimes simultaneously. 

The draw for this location is that you often don’t know which comedians will be presenting their standup (usually there are around six per show), and the spot is a favourite for some popular comedians, such as Sean Walsh, Jack Whitehall, and Trevor Noah – so you might be in for a surprise treat!

Tickets are inexpensive, with some showings being completely free of charge, and not usually being more than £22 per ticket. Get the drinks flowing, avoid the front row (unless you want to be picked on!), and enjoy the show! You’ll have plenty to catch up with your friends about once the show’s finished!

Little Door

little door

Little Door has five locations across London, all themed around a homely, flat-share feel, with elements that reflect the location they’re in.

Little Door locations are primarily bars, unique to each area, with Little Yellow Door based near Ladbroke Grove, Little Blue Door based in Fulham (you may have seen it pop up on Made in Chelsea a few times!), Little Scarlet Door based in Soho, Little Orange Door in Clapham, and Little Violet Door near Carnaby Street.

Each location is laid out like a flat, and you’ll have free reign to explore each quirky spot. Whether you’re just popping in for a drink with your friends, or want to organise a big night out at one of their house parties held every weekend (all the fun of a house party without worrying about clearing up in the morning!), find a Little Door near you and tell the group chat your next friend date could be hosted here.

Vintage Shopping at Brick Lane

vintage shopping

While visiting a shopping centre with your friends to look for clothes might be a staple friend date that you revisit time and again, vintage shopping is something different.

Experiencing the thrill of rummaging through racks of second hand, vintage clothes in the search for a specific item or something unexpected and exciting is a great way to bond with friends. The items you discover are likely to be one of a kind, and showing off your vintage discoveries to your friend group is much more interesting than visiting a high street store that sells 12 versions of the same piece of clothing.

Brick Lane is a vintage shopper’s haven – there are lots of vintage shops to scour, plus lots of surrounding bars for a post-shop refreshment. 



There’s nothing better than finding out the day you’ve decided to meet up with your friends is a day with rare glorious weather!

Make the most of a rain-free day by catching up over a picnic in a park. There are lots of green spaces around London – pick one that’s easy for everyone to get to and bring a blanket to sit on in case there aren’t any picnic benches available.

You could theme your picnic around colours – with everyone assigned a colour and bringing food that matches their nominated colour – or keep it simple with a potluck, and each person bringing a different course (desserts, meats, salty snacks, etc).

If the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to hold out, you could bring your picnic indoors. Whatever the weather, food, friends, and chats will guarantee you have a good time. Without a full-on activity to distract you, you can make sure everyone’s up to date on the latest gossip!

Paint and Sip

paint and sip

There’s a reason why Paint and Sip events are popping up everywhere across London – they’re a great activity to do on a friend date!

Whether you’re good at painting or not, it simply doesn’t matter, as everyone who attends one of these events is in it for the fun of it – plus you’re likely to receive a bit of coaching from the host of the event.

The painting activity adds a bit more excitement than a bottomless brunch might do, plus you’ll get to take home your masterpieces once you’ve finished – perfect for comparing, especially on your next meetup once you’ve sobered up!

A few classes we’ve seen that might be perfect for you are:

Swingers ~ The crazy golf club

We believe that life is more fun when there is an element of competition, and that competition is best enjoyed with friends.

Swingers, the crazy golf club takes the holy trinity that is crazy golf, street food and amazing cocktails and combines them all into one incredible social experience