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Where to celebrate Father’s Day this year

By Swingers

Father’s Day is coming up and it can be difficult to know where to take your dad to celebrate. For the dad who has everything, gift an experience – a day out with your dad to celebrate.

Where to celebrate Father’s Day this year

Father’s Day is coming up and it can be difficult to know where to take your dad to celebrate. For the dad who has everything, gift an experience – a day out with your dad to celebrate.

We’ve put together a list of our top 10 Father’s Day experiences that’ll beat a boring bottle of wine, and be sure to place you solidly as dad’s favourite.

Visit Swingers

When it’s truly throwing it down outside, consider both of our London Swingers locations as harbours in the storm. Not only can you have a couple of rounds of crazy golf, you can also get comfortable in one of our indoor bars and tuck in to some scrumptious gourmet street food.

Swingers is a guaranteed great day out with your dad. Whether he’s an avid golfer, or a keen have-a-goer, a trip to Swingers will coax out his competitive side. It’s up to you whether you want to go easy on him or provide a real challenge!

Treat your dad to some delicious gourmet street food – choose from Pizza Pilgrims, Patty & Bun, Breddos, and Crosstown. You and dad won’t struggle to choose – with plenty of options available, the real struggle will be not getting too full!

If you’re both booze fans, there’s plenty on offer across both the City and West End locations. Make an event of it by booking our Sunday Set option – a bottomless booze package full of cocktails, frozen tipples, beer, and wine, as well as unlimited rounds on the green.

If you’re looking for a full family day out, Swingers now allow kids aged 5+ at our West End venue when booking family sessions.

Fawlty Towers Dining Experience

fawlty towers

Is your dad a big fan of comedy classics, like Fawlty Towers? Treat him to an immersive Fawlty Towers themed immersive experience that’ll leave you both splitting your sides with laughter. 

With spontaneous, slapstick comedy, and audience participation, you’ll have an unforgettable Father’s Day.

Not only do you get to experience the amazing immersive theatre, but you’ll also be treated to a three course meal, served by the characters themselves.

Music Tour of the City

black cab

If your dad loves rock music, he’ll love a guided tour around the city themed around the history of rock music. 

Hop in host Stephen Channell’s black cab and he’ll take you on a tour of famous landmarks, including the famous Beatles’ zebra crossing, locations for David Bowie’s albums, and other notable locations in rock history.

Stephen is a rock veteran, with 25 years’ experience working for Warner Music and the BBC, as well as an established cabbie. He’s the perfect host for a music enthusiast, passionate about the history behind his tour. Throughout the experience, he’ll be playing music related to the landmarks you’ll be visiting, and will stop at each location so you can take photographs to commemorate your tour. 

If your dad is an especially big fan of a particular artist, you can personalise the tour. Even better, he’ll pick you up and drop you off from any location in London, saving your dad the important travel expenses!

Climb the O2


For dads with a head for heights and a sense of adventure, book in a spot with Up at the O2. Here, you’ll scale the heights of the O2 venue at Greenwich.

They’ll provide you with a climbing harness, boots and a guide to help you on your journey to the summit. You’ll be climbing for around 90 minutes, so make sure you’re all up for an active day!

You can choose to climb at any time of day, so whether you’re looking to treat your dad to panoramic views of Canary Wharf to the Olympic Park by day, or an atmospheric sunset over London landmarks by evening, you can tailor your plans to suit your dad.

Book a tour of a sports ground

wembley stadium

One for the sports fans – book a tour of your dad’s favourite football team’s stadium. London is home to multiple football stadiums, including home grounds of Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Tottenham Hotspur, and Fulham FC. Fulfil your dad’s dream of walking where his football heroes have walked, getting a behind the scenes tour of his team’s stadium.

This isn’t just reserved for football fans – there are a number of stadiums across the capital offering tours. Lord’s Cricket Ground’s tour includes a visit to the famed Long Room, access to the changing rooms, and a museum where you can get a look at the Ashes urn. 

If your dad’s more of a rugby guy, book him a tour of the Twickenham Stadium, where he can run through the tunnel, see the changing rooms, and visit areas of the stadium that are usually out of bounds, including the Royal Box.

London Transport Museum

london underground

This one’s for you if you dad’s a big fan of transportation – think steam trains, the history of the Underground, and the iconic red London bus.

The London Transport Museum will take you through the history of London travel and the accompanying artwork – historic tube maps, the development of the now recognised circular Underground roundel, and advertising campaigns from years gone by.

With enough facts for your dad to take in to entertain the family for years to come, it’ll be difficult to travel in London again without remembering your visit.

Escape Room

crystal maze

Put your dad to the test by challenging him to an escape room.

There are a number available across London, so you’ll be able to tailor the experience to your dad’s tastes and ability level.

If he’s familiar with the Crystal Maze, he can try it for himself at the Crystal Maze Live Experience. Choosing between a physical, mental, skilled, or mystery challenge means you or your dad can opt out of challenges you don’t think you’ll be suited to, giving you a better chance of completing each room, winning more crystals, resulting in more time in the crystal dome at the end of the experience. Complete with a backing soundtrack of the show’s theme tune, it’s the closest thing to appearing on the show as you can get – perfect if your dad’s watched it and remarked “I could do that, it’s easy!”

If you’re looking for something requiring brain power and teamwork, check out Codebreakers. Located in an abandoned tube station in South Kensington, your mission will be to decode Nazi messages in order to escape Churchill’s secret war room.

An escape room is a great option if you’re looking to team up with your siblings to buy a joint present – plus you’ll all get to take part in the challenge! It’s a chance for your dad to see how you all work together as a team, as well as spending some quality time with you all.

Whisky Tasting

whisky tasting

For the whisky connoisseur, treat your dad to a whisky tasting. While some might opt to buy their dad a bottle of whisky for Father’s Day, we think they’ll appreciate a whisky tasting experience far more – there’s more thought put into the gift, and better yet, you can accompany him!

If your dad’s a Macallan fan, or a fan of Scottish whisky in general, take him to a Macallan whisky tasting, where he can sample a flight of their single malt options across 12yo, 15yo, and 18yo. During the event, he’ll learn how to pair whisky with cheese and tapas (both provided), an education around tasting whiskies, as well as the chance to sample some cocktails made using the spirit.

For more exposure to Japanese whiskey, book into a Japanese Whisky Masterclass. Here you’ll receive a flight of three different Japanese whiskies (Suntory Toki, Nikka Days, Mars Kasei), and learn to pair it with the tapas small plates provided. You’ll get to create your own whisky based cocktail, and take a bottled mini cocktail home to enjoy.


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