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Fun things to do during a digital detox

By Swingers

So you’ve committed to a digital detox — but what are you going to do with all the time you’re not spending on TikTok? From finally learning to cook to heading to a gig, we’ve got some ideas.

Fun things to do during a digital detox

So you’ve committed to a digital detox — but what are you going to do with all the time you’re not spending on TikTok? From finally learning to cook to heading to a gig, we’ve got some ideas.


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? If it’s checking your emails, scrolling through TikTok or scanning the latest headlines, it might be time for a digital detox.

A digital detox is all about taking a step back from electronic devices (particularly your phone) so you can connect more with the real world. It can be a helpful way to shed light on your phone usage, break the digital habits that aren’t doing you any favours and learn to live with technology in a healthy way. 

But once your digital detox is underway, what are you going to do with all the time you’re not spending on TikTok? We’ve got some ideas. 


Get outside

Nature has been shown to be great for the brain as well as the body, improving our mood and reducing stress. Head out for a walk or hike without your phone (or, if you’re on your own and worried about your safety, bring it but leave it in your bag on silent) and absorb the natural beauty surrounding you. If you’re walking alone, it might feel uncomfortable at first to head out without a playlist or a podcast to keep you company but you’ll be amazed at what you notice when you’re not distracted by your headphones. You can always try borrowing a dog to give you an excuse to get out and about!


Go cold water swimming

If you’re feeling brave, head to the nearest body of water (whether a lido, a lake or the sea) for a cold plunge. It works as a full mind and body reset, leaving you buzzing with energy: we promise you won’t be thinking about your phone when you’re shaking icy droplets off your skin!


Read a book

When did you last get lost in a book without picking up your phone every few pages? For a dreamy reading experience, head to a bookshop or library and spend some time browsing the shelves until you see a book that captures your interest. Then find a spot in a café or cosy up on the sofa (or in bed — let’s be real) and enjoy some blissful, uninterrupted reading time. 


Organise a workout with a friend

group of three women having fun powerwalking

If you find your fingers are always twitching to check the group chat, distract yourself by staying active. Whether you’re into running, cycling, yoga or dance, make exercise fun by planning a workout session with a friend. You get all the physical benefits of exercise while scratching your socialising itch. 


Get creative

As kids, we happily entertained ourselves for hours with only a box of pens and some paper. Rediscover your inner child by picking up some art supplies and getting creative! Whether you paint a canvas, head out for a sketching session or stick to paint by numbers, it feels incredibly satisfying to tap into your creativity without needless distractions. 


Plan some competitive socialising

A young man helps position his date’s swing on an indoor crazy golf course with a wooden loop-de-loop.

Who needs WhatsApp when you can hang out with family and friends in person? Swap the standard pub trip for something that brings out your competitive side. From a games night at home to an evening of crazy golf (*uhum*), pick an activity that allows everyone to get involved and that will have you laughing too hard to think about picking up your phone.  


Learn a musical instrument

Have you always wanted to learn the piano or the guitar? Want to polish your singing-in-the-shower skills? Now’s your chance. Find a local teacher or follow a YouTube lesson plan (just be careful to steer clear of other digital distractions). Start slowly and dedicate time to practise every day. You’ll progress much faster than you realise. 


Head to the cinema

movie theatre

As somewhere where phone usage is frowned upon, the cinema is the ideal place to be when you’re on a digital detox. It’s awards season so the cinemas are packed with prestige films of every genre. Rather than waiting until a film hits Netflix, treat yourself to a cinema ticket so you can be completely absorbed in some movie magic. 


Learn a new recipe


Now’s the time to get experimental in the kitchen! Dip into that cookbook you’ve never opened and commit some time to nailing a new recipe. Cooking and baking are hands-on activities that are both rewarding and delicious — a win-win. When your meal or treat is ready, savour the flavour in every bite (without needing to post it on Instagram). 


Try journaling

Rather than spilling your guts on social media, express yourself using old fashioned pen and paper. Writing in a physical journal can be a powerful way to reflect on your thoughts, experiences and goals and can help you process some of the anxiety you might be feeling while you’re offline. Even spending ten minutes in the morning scribbling down your thoughts and feelings can leave you feeling calmer for the rest of the day. 


Explore local culture

Natural History Museum London

How many incredible sites and experiences are there on your doorstep that you’ve never seen? Play tourist in your own home by visiting local museums, art galleries or historical sites and immersing yourself in the culture surrounding you. There’s a tonne you can discover without stepping foot on a train or plane. 


Tend to a garden


 It’s hard to reach for your phone when your fingers are covered in soil! Whether you live in the middle of the countryside or in a tower block in a city, you can create your own garden space. If you’re not naturally green fingered, start small with potted herbs or a window box filled with beautiful bulbs that will burst into flower come spring. Depending on where you live you might find you can join a community gardening group or get a plot at an allotment, where you can learn gardening skills while meeting new people.


Go to a live event


There’s nothing like the immersive magic of live entertainment. Whether you grab a ticket to see one of your favourite artists live, book for a theatre performance, head to a football match or watch a stand-up comedian try out new material, keep your phone out of sight and allow yourself to get lost in the moment. 


Volunteer in your community


Volunteering is a great way to channel your energy into a community or cause you care about. If you’re not sure where to start, look for local groups — they’re usually happy to have an extra pair of hands. It’s also a great way to make new friends in your neighbourhood. 


Book a spa day

spa day

Turn the digital detox into a full-body experience by booking a spa day with a friend. Leave your phone in your locker and enjoy a steam, soak and scrub in style. Treat yourself — you’ve earned it. 


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